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Gum Disease Treatment – Lansing, MI

Expert Help for
Infected Gums

Leaving gum disease alone for too long can lead to the destruction of the bone and gum tissue holding your teeth in place. Our expert periodontist at Healthy Smiles Dental Care can quickly diagnose gum disease and suggest an appropriate form of treatment, including the placement of dental implants for teeth that are already beyond salvaging. If you have any concerns about your gums, call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss options for gum disease treatment in Lansing, MI.

Why Choose Healthy Smiles Dental Care for Gum Disease Treatment?

Closeup of healthy smile after gum disease treatment

Scaling & Root Planing

Closeup of smile during scaling and root planing

The deep cleaning process that’s required to remove the plaque and tartar causing the infection is divided into two steps: scaling and root planing. During scaling, bacteria is removed from above and below the gumline. Once this area is clean, it is time to smooth out the surface of the roots with root planing. This serves two purposes: it ensures that there are fewer rough surfaces that make it easier for bacteria to accumulate, and it simplifies the healing process so that the gums can reattach to the roots more easily.

Chao Pinhole Technique

Patient taking smile after chao pinhole technique

The Chaos Pinhole technique is a minimally invasive surgical approach to treating gum disease. A very small hole is made in the gum tissue so that we can place a special device. We can then peel and stretch the gum, bringing it downwards so that it covers the exposed tooth roots. Collagen strips are then placed in the pinhole in order to keep the tissue in its new position. This technique is used to reverse the recession that gum disease often causes.

Antibiotic Therapy

Hand holding antibiotic therapy pills

Some bacteria may still be left in the mouth even after a deep cleaning procedure. Antibiotic therapy is usually used in conjunction with other periodontal treatments so that patients have a way to fight back against oral bacteria even after they’ve been treated. There are various types of systemic or topical antibiotics that can be used to help treat gum disease; the kind we prescribe to you will depend on your personal situation and your individual needs.

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